Spring Catalog Downloads

Our catalogs are available as a PDF download for your convenience. Simply click on a catalog to view and save it; if you would like to request a physical catalog, please fill out the form below.

Master Die Catalog

US, ISO, ISO-D, & JIS Mechanical Die Springs, Nitrogen Gas Springs, & Service Parts.
Download Now

Compression Springs Product Catalog

INTRODUCING the Largest Selection of Compression Springs Available Anywhere! Over 34,000 Standard Catalog Compression Spring Options. Download Now

SPEC® Catalog

Stocked springs (compression, extension, torsion, etc.) & spring washers (Disc Springs, Bellevilles, Waves) including Clover®Dome. Download Now

SPD Catalog

Engineered hardware including struts, hinges, latches, & drawer slides. Download Now

Counter-Balance Catalog

Struts & mounting hardware, including m-Struts® & n-Struts®. Download Now

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