Wave Spring Washers

SPEC® Spring Washers provide moderate loading for small deflections in applications with very limited axial space. Wave springs are available in both carbon steel and stainless steels indicated in the data table. Catalog wave spring washers are supplied with a plain finish. Applications with AQL requirements should contact ASR Engineering. For terminology help, please see our FAQ.  Additional finishes, sizes, & materials are possible through custom Engineering and Manufacturing services.

Versatility of Wave Spring Washers

The parts are stamped from flat rolled steel sheets, and therefore these wave spring washers have a continuous outer edge without open ends. A typical application for a wave spring is inside a speed reducer or electric motor taking up “play” (or excessive space) on bearings supporting a shaft. The use of a wave spring in such applications also accommodates thermal expansion and contraction without introducing “play”. Applications include pre-loading bearings to prevent slop or backlash in assemblies. Motors, gearboxes or speed-reducers, and connectors are all examples of typical devices that implement such applications.

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