Industrial Shock Absorbers

SPD™ Industrial Shock Absorbers from Associated Spring RAYMOND provides an engineered solution for protecting end-products, equipment, and people through the ability to bring motion to a controlled stop.

Shock Absorbers are able to stop the movement by converting energy created by motion (kinetic) to heat energy (thermal). The heat then radiates through the surface of the cylinder body, and the Shock Absorber is ready to repeat the process.

Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of constant and repeated use, SPD™ Industrial Shock Absorbers provide a range of energy capacities and help users find the cycle rate and shock force needed for their project.

Manufactured with a carbon steel body, SPD™ Industrial Shock Absorbers are available in both imperial and metric threads — and can be provided in stainless steel for highly corrosive environments.

Product Line Range:

Extended Length: 2.75 – 8.31 inches
Energy Capacity: 75 – 5,000 inch-pounds*

Extended Length: 38.5 – 243 millimeter
Energy Capacity: 1.2 – 564.9 Joules*

*Maximum energy at the maximum cycle rate

SPD™ Industrial Shock Absorbers are engineered and manufactured to meet industry-leading quality standards and have the consistency expected from an expert in force and motion control for more than 135 years.

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