Multi-Wave Compression Spring

Multi-Wave Compression Springs
Multi-Wave Compression Springs Diagram of Multi-Wave Compression Springs

SPEC® MultiWave Springs or Multi-Wave Compression Springs offer deflections beyond round wire springs and occupy less axial space. They are an alternative to round wire compression springs for space constrained applications. The specially designed edge wound material occupies less space than round wire for the same rate and deflection. As a result, they are an excellent solution for applications with limited space, requiring high relative amounts of travel, and light to medium force loads.

Manufacturing MultiWave Springs

The manufacturing process for MultiWave springs is different than other flat springs, as they are not stamped but wound from a single filament of flat wire. Standard material for spring series is stainless steel and therefore suitable for more corrosive applications as well as general use. An example application that exemplifies the above characteristics is a high flow valve, where the inner diameter of the spring determines the cross sectional area available for fluid flow in a valve. In this application the stainless material properties & increased axial space are taken advantage of. All parts are stainless steel 17-7PH. Operating temperatures are recommended below 340 Degrees C / 650 Degrees F.

For terminology help, please see our FAQ.  For applications requiring a different configuration, material, or finish, consider utilizing our Engineered Solution Services to develop and supply your components and sub-assemblies.

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