304-820-D: Medium Duty

304820D Medium-Duty-Iso-D-Die Spring

304820D Medium-Duty-Iso-D-Die Spring

Model: 304-820-D

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Product Details

Working Length (mm) (88.900 to 127.000)
Die Spring Type ISO-D-304
Hole Fit, min (H) (in) 1.969
Rod Fit, max (R) (in) 0.984
Free Length (L) (in) 5.000
Solid Height, Approx (in) 2.886
Spring Rate (lb/in) 541.32
Load Length For Optimum Life, (L1) (in) 3.75
Deflection For Optimum Life (D1) (in) 1.25
Load at L1 (lb) 676.65
Load Length For Long Life (L2) (in) 3.50
Deflection For Long Life (D2) (in) 1.50
Load at L2 (lb) 812.0
Load Length For Max Operating Deflection (L3) (in) 3.00
Maximum Operating Deflection (D3) (in) 2.00
Load at L3 (lb) 1,082.6
Shipping Weight (lb) 3.766000
Shipping Height (in) 1.969
Shipping Length (in) 5.000
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