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When it comes to intralogistics, manufacturing the right material handling equipment requires many moving parts to keep your customer’s supply chains in motion. Each movement has different requirements to function correctly and meet the critical demands of the forklift or manlift for quicker, smoother operation. At Associated Spring RAYMOND, springs and struts provide smooth movements and can be found in one location, saving time and money while providing peace of mind knowing a part is coming from a trusted supplier. 


From reach truck controls and manlift floors to forklift seats and wheels, Associated Spring RAYMOND products are found throughout many aspects of lift equipment. Capable of providing springs and struts to suit a multitude of needs, a benefit of working with Associated Spring RAYMOND is that industrial lift equipment manufacturers can get the parts they need in one place, using the dedicated sales representative, engineering assistance, and online ordering for quick prototyping. 

Common applications in material handling equipment include: 

Springs for:

  • Wheels
  • Castors
  • Pallet Jack Handles
  • Steering Controls

Struts for:

  • Armchair Access
  • Mechanical Access
  • Fatigue Reduction in Floors (used as Shock Absorbers)

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More than 100,000 spring products to choose from, ranging from the strongest shaped wire compression springs to more common lighter force traditional compression springs, mechanical struts and mechanical wire springs, and gas struts, Associated Spring RAYMOND can provide the right part for any application. Often used internally, the diverse product selection from Associated Spring RAYMOND allows for optimal space utilization, maximizing access and minimizing the impact to maneuverability or visibility 

Raymond® Heavy Duty Springs (shaped wire, high cycle life, compression springscan be used in a variety of applications across the industry. Made with high-quality materials and capable of producing superior performance in high-stress situations, these springs are a staple for industrial lifting and material handling equipment. 

They provide uniform spring performance and consistent rate recordings, making them highly reliable. Their squared ends allow for maximum load-bearing surface and improved longevity from shot-peening processes, resulting in increased fatigue life by 30%, reducing spring breakage. 

Innovative in nature, mechanical struts were designed to provide assistance where gas springs could not. Low maintenance, seal-less, gas-less, and oil-less with locking capabilities, mechanical struts provide lift-assistance for extremely heavy or large loads. Commonly used as an upgrade to gas springs, mechanical struts can also work as an alternative to shock absorbers.

One, of many benefits, of using a mechanical strut is their ability to operate in high and low temperatures without affecting performance. Capable of handling temperatures between -40°F to +400°F, mechanical struts from Associated Spring RAYMOND are optimal for lift equipment that operate outdoors.

Available in standard, traction, and self-centering models, mechanical struts offer a variety of assistance with more longevity compared to traditional gas struts.

Pre-engineered coiled spring products designed for reliability and efficiency to produce the same results repeatedly, mechanical wire springs are commonly used internally in forklifts, man lifts, and pallet jacks, often in steering controls. With one of the largest selections of catalog mechanical wire springs, Associated Spring RAYMOND offers endless options to find the right part to improve performance.  

Finding the right spring for your design is easy with the Catalog Selector Tool. Associated Spring RAYMOND’s developed the free and easy-to-use tool to identify a part easier and get material handling equipment in production quicker.

Engineered to deliver optimal performance in various applications and environments, gas springs (also called gas struts or gas shocks) offer compressed nitrogen to provide force and hydraulic damping. Recently, Associated Spring RAYMOND expanded its portfolio of gas springs to more than 12,000 total pre-engineered precision coated steel and stainless-steel options. 

Available in numerous combinations of size, stroke, length, and force, the expanded line makes finding the right gas spring for the application easier to find. There is no need to start from scratch and design an individual part, although customization is available. 

To make the strut configuration process easier for counterbalance solutions, Associated Spring RAYMOND developed the Counterbalance Configurator Tool. 


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At Associated Spring RAYMOND, springs and struts can be made from a variety of materials with additional plating, if desired. Materials available vary from product to product, but common materials include: 

  • Carbon Steels
  • Piano / Music Wire
  • Alloy Steels
  • Chrome Silicon and Chrome Vanaium
  • 17-7 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Black Nitride Steel
  • Zinc Coated Music Wire
  • Hard Drawn Steel

Custom Solutions 

At Associated Spring RAYMOND, more than just the catalog of products is available. Engineering support can provide custom solutions when standard products are not enough. With more than 135 years of spring design expertise, a network of global engineers will partner with industrial lift equipment manufacturers and deploy a breadth of spring design knowledge to custom engineer the right solution for their application. Even if the modification is small, such as unique length for a die spring, custom capabilities are available. 


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Associated Spring RAYMOND's top priority is delivering high-quality solutions and do so through many avenues: certifications, testing, and processes. Not only is quality the focus for the product standards, but so are the processes offered. 

Certified with ISO 9001 and ITAF16949, Associated Spring RAYMOND maintains those through regular audits. Striving to continuously improve quality through process and product, utilizing industry tools such as DFMEA (design failure mode effects analysis) and PFMEA (process failure mode effects analysis), products are trusted to perform to expectations when appropriately installed. For more information, see the quality page.  


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