Electronic Gas Spring Applications

Associated Spring RAYMOND supplies the electronic and instrument industries from the smallest board level springs and stampings through the largest high voltage actuation systems. Our manufacturing and engineering expertise allow us to serve applications of all sizes. Whether it is a return conical compression spring in a switch, like an emergency stop, or the stamped contacts for a circuit, we have the materials and forming expertise.


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High Voltage Safety and Automatic Systems use Die Springs

Raymond® Die Springs are heavily utilized in higher voltage safety and automatic systems, such as circuit breakers and switchgear for their reliability and longevity. Our die springs are counted on to interrupt power when a problem is present in the electrical system. When it is critical for your system to work correctly time and time again; look to Associated Spring RAYMOND for products and design solutions that will provide you with the security and stability you need.

Electrical Connectors and Components

Electrical connectors represent another series of components with a variety of springs. Locking rings of industrial connectors achieve the forces required often with a SPEC® Wave Spring. Other designs and variations employ Multi-Wave Springs or Compression Springs.

We also supply custom solutions with special coatings and alternative materials, like beryllium copper (BeCu), for more rigorous environments. 

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