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Spring Corrosion and Prevention

Corrosion is the deterioration of a metal and its properties as a result of extended exposure to a substance that negatively reacts with metal. The level of corrosion protection required is application-specific, and the type of corrosion will also vary. Carbon steels, such as music wire, spring steel, and chrome vanadium that do not have a coating, are the most at risk for corrosion. Stainless steels and exotic alloys offer protection from various agents.

Material Creep: Reduce Spring Stress

When creep and fatigue start to set in, the life cycle and performance of the spring can be negatively impacted, which can, in turn, impact the application's ability to function as intended. So what is creep?

Announcement: New Powder Coating on Raymond® US Inch Series Die Springs

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Raymond® Standard US Inch Series Die Springs have been upgraded to bring a better finish and inventory to a century-old, industry-trusted product. The new powder-coated finish is replacing the old dip and spin process to provide a better, long-term finish and better coating adhesion, corrosion resistance, surface coverage, and color alignment.

Stress Less with Durable Products

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Working in construction and agriculture has its difficulties; maintenance and strain on the operators do not need to be one of them. With innovative spring components, users of heavy-duty equipment can maintain their work schedule and reduce downtime without additional complexity. Associated Spring RAYMOND can be of assistance with its expansive range of innovative products.

What are Mechanical Struts?

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Raymond® Mechanical Struts are a counterbalance solution that can perform where other strut products cannot. They are a seal-less, gas-less, and oil-less counterbalance solution that does not require maintenance and can function in numerous industries. A highly reliable product, Mechanical Struts can produce consistent, repeatable loads at varying intervals. Ideal for applications that cannot risk failure and in environments where corrosion is a concern or where temperatures may be extremely high or low.

3 Ways to Reorder

With Associated Spring RAYMOND, there are three easy ways to order past purchases with your online account. From your account, you can use Common Items, Past RFQs, and Saved Carts to quickly purchased saved orders without having to look up part numbers and scour the website. Let’s review! Start by logging into your account as

Counterbalance Configurator Tool Enhancements

After a successful launch last September, the Counterbalance Configurator Tool has received some upgrades to better assist users. Three major additions have been added to the tool: additional starting angle positions, up to six strut modeling and configuration, and exterior visualization.

Announcement: Expanded Line of Standard Gas Struts

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Associated Spring RAYMOND announced the launch of thousands of new gas struts to their extensive catalog portfolio. With more than 12,000 standard gas struts, customers can more easily identify a pre-engineered gas strut to fit their application. For the 135-year old company, this is the largest product launch of its kind.

Announcement: Counterbalance Configurator Tool

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Associated Spring RAYMOND announced the launch an innovative Counterbalance Configurator Tool that makes it easy to identify the right gas strut for a specific application. This easy-to-use tool features advanced dynamic algorithms to build product recommendations based on user-provided application dimensions.

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