Self-Compensating Shock Absorbers

Hydraulic instruments, SPD™ Industrial Shock Absorbers, use oil to damp out shock impulses and decelerate a mass by applying a constant resistant force throughout the entire stroke and consuming energy and displacing it, bringing velocity movements to a complete stop over the shortest amount of distance. Changing the energy from kinetic to thermal prevents jolting to a system, making Shock Absorbers the most effective tool to prevent unwanted movement that can damage the application and the end product.

Installing Shock Absorbers designed to handle the designated load force can save the manufacturer from costly unexpected repairs and downtime in production. Other damping products don’t compare as Gas Struts provide force assistance, and Dampers slows and controls a motion, not bring it to a stop.

Associated Spring RAYMOND’s line of SPD™ Industrial Shock Absorbers features parts that will fit individual application needs – available in carbon steel and imperial and metric parts.

With more than 135 years of spring design expertise, Associated Spring RAYMOND can provide products that meet the needs of designers and product engineers.

SDP™ Industrial Shock Absorbers are engineered to provide a rapid, controlled deceleration

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