Precision Engineering Service

Associated Spring RAYMOND has over 135 years of experience in design, application engineering, manufacturing, finishing, coating and warehousing. Our solutions and services encompass developmental engineering, through production part deliveries made JIT (just in time). In addition to our standard product offerings, Associated Spring RAYMOND has the capability to supply a spring, with unique dimensions and features, or complete sub-assemblies to fulfill a production application’s needs.Printing Press Component Supplier

m-Struts® and n-Struts®, as well as other leading product brands, offer leading edge product and process technology for applications that require a force, pressure, torque, and/or isolation. Our engineers apply the design and manufacturing know-how to solve problems both functionally and cost effectively.

Door Release Component Supplier

We have extensive experience working with a variety of alloys and grades, stainless steels and exotic nickel/cobalt alloys included. For additional options, our coating and finishing services offer high performance coatings like Geomet® or Teflon®.

Associated Spring RAYMOND excels at safety and ergonomic solutions where longevity is crucial and lives are at stake. Whether you have an emergency exit door that requires motion control or a pressure release valve that requires a sealing force, this is within our capabilities.

Our full capabilities are detailed in the following sections.

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