Are Shock Absorbers Right For You?

How do you know if you need a Shock Absorber for your application? Ask one simple question, what are you trying to accomplish? If the answer is to slow a movement to a complete stop with no shock load applied to the system or the product, an Industrial Shock Absorber is needed. Additionally, OEMs can save time, money, and prevent damage with Industrial Shock Absorbers.

Successful at reducing unwanted and potentially damaging shock loads through their ability to transfer energy and redistribute it effectively over a short distance (the stroke), Shock Absorbers are effective at completely stopping a motion. 

“Shock Absorbers convert the kinetic energy of a moving mass into heat, apply a constant force to the mass regardless of the deceleration velocity, and bring a mass from its initial contact velocity to zero velocity in a controlled manner, over a relatively short distance,” said Steve Rockow, global engineering manager for Associated Spring RAYMOND. “That lowers the ‘shock’ force applied to the mass. Shock Absorbers take a moving mass and stop it. In contrast, Dampers are designed to have a resistance force that is proportional to the velocity of the rod during the stroke, and they control continuous motion.” 

Known for its extensive line of pre-engineered springs, including Industrial Shock Absorbers, Associated Spring RAYMOND offers a complete and complementary range of products to force and control motion. The complete line of Industrial Shock Absorbers is ideal for applications experiencing unwanted movement because of left-over energy.  

“This line of Industrial Shock Absorbers is perfect for industrial manufacturers, packaging equipment, and warehouse automation equipment who need to quickly and safely decelerate a mass and absorb excess energy from a moving system,” said Robert Thompson, global product manager. “The product line is specifically made to meet the need of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). By offering Shock Absorbers with Gas Springs and Dampers, Associated Spring RAYMOND offers a complete line of force and motion control products, making buying and shipping easier for our customers.”

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