Durable Springs and Struts for Construction and Agriculture

Work in the construction and agriculture markets requires a lot of heavy lifting and physical labor. Where man cannot perform, machinery is designed and developed to assist. These products require robust performance and ease of use to ensure that planting, harvesting, and constructing are not hindered. Associated Spring RAYMOND has the broad offering and ingenuity to bring equipment to fruition. With more than 135 years of spring expertise and a global network of engineers, AS RAYMOND can provide support and define a solution with the operator's needs in mind, regardless of whether it requires a unique design for the application or is part of our standard offering. 


When designing equipment for construction and agriculture, reducing strain on the user is often the main objective for equipment manufacturers. That objective generates a need for counterbalance products that are durable and built to last. These products need to bring the maximum load on the user to approximately 50 pounds while offering precision performance and minimal maintenance. 

Our expansive product offering allows quick and easy prototyping to find the right spring or strut for an application. Spring components from AS RAYMOND are available across a spectrum to find a product with the right output, fit, and value for the manufacturers and user's needs, from a name and brand users trust. 

AS RAYMOND's spring and strut solutions are used to meet a variety of force requirements in construction and agriculture equipment, including, but not limited to: 

  • Articulated Trucks 
  • Backhoes 
  • Cultivators 
  • Combines 
  • Dozers 
  • Excavators
  • Loaders 
  • Off-Highway Equipment 
  • Plows 
  • Tractors


We understand that engineers typically design their equipment first and then look for a spring or strut solution to fit their application. At AS RAYMOND, our robust catalog of products and team of spring design experts are here to identify or develop a solution that meets their application requirements.

Our selection of catalog springs enables customers to prototype applications quickly. In addition, our free online tools, such as the 3D CAD Part Selector Tools and Counterbalance Configurator Tool, make the process of selecting the right product that much easier.

When a standard product does not meet the application's needs, our global network of engineers can customize a part for the application's exact specifications. 

Counterbalance Solutions 

Raymond® Mechanical Struts are one of the best counterbalance solutions on the market. They are a fully mechanical operation that can function in extreme temperatures and provide repeatable and consistent use at a high or low use frequency without degradation to output, leading to exceptional longevity in a variety of areas. With no expiration date and minimal maintenance, these struts can replace complex systems while maintaining robust performance for extended periods of time. 

SPD™ Gas Struts are another product that can provide counterbalance without sacrificing performance or quality. Additionally, locking capabilities are available for instances that require a Gas Spring to hold an application upright until intentionally disengaged.

This range of counterbalance solutions provides designers and engineers with options to choose the right product for their application. Gas Struts and Mechanical Struts are used in various applications, including hatches, release valves, actuators, consoles, seats, and control pads.

SPEC® Mechanical Wire Springs 

AS RAYMOND can provide the right part for any application, there are more than 100,000 spring products to choose from, ranging from the most robust Heavy-Duty Springs to more common lighter force traditional Compression Springs. Often used internally, the diverse product selection allows for optimal space utilization, maximizing access, and minimizing the impact on maneuverability or visibility.


Springs and struts can be made from a variety of materials and grades and value-added processes, creating a product that is built to last in the environment in which it will be operating. For applications with heightened concerns about environmental or performance factors (such as corrosion) that could lead to hyper-deterioration of components, AS RAYMOND can offer additional solutions. Some of the material, plating, and coating options include:  

  • Stainless Steel 
  • Zinc Plating 
  • Zinc/Aluminum ASTM F1136 Coating 

Custom Solutions 

More than the standard catalog of products is available through AS RAYMOND. Engineering support can provide custom solutions when standard products are not enough. With more than 135 years of spring design expertise and a history of developing robust solutions for construction and equipment manufacturers, a network of global engineers will partner with construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers and deploy a breadth of spring design knowledge to custom engineer the right solution for their application. Even if the modification is small, such as unique length for a die spring, custom capabilities are available.


Associated Spring RAYMOND's top priority is delivering high-quality solutions and do so through many avenues: certifications, testing, and processes. Not only is quality the focus for the product standards, but so are the processes offered.

Certified with ISO 9001 and ITAF16949, those are maintained through regular audits. Striving to continuously improve quality through process and product, utilizing industry tools such as DFMEA (design failure mode effects analysis) and PFMEA (process failure mode effects analysis), products are trusted to perform to expectations when appropriately installed. For more information, see the quality page.


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