Airline Gas Springs

Associated Spring RAYMOND supplies some of the smallest components and mostly ones consumers will never see, to the Aerospace industry. Our material capabilities enable us to provide solutions that save weight and/or survive higher temperatures when standard parts will not suffice. The quality of our products is part of our long standing reputation that we strive to continuously improve.

Non-Flight Critical Lifting Components

Cabin or interior components, and other non-flight critical components are where Associated Spring RAYMOND excels. The strut technology available with m-Struts® and n-Struts® offers solutions for balancing lightweight overhead bin doors, heavier bay doors, and other articulating devices.

Whether you are working on a new galley, toilet, or crew rest area design Associated Spring RAYMOND has options for push, pull, and twist requirements. Designs as simple as torsion springs for self-closing bin doors and as complex as motorized panel counterbalance assist are all a perfect fit with our team.


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Special Requirements

We have manufacturing facilities with quality systems and certifications in place, additional information regarding quality is available on the Quality page.

The Aerospace/Defense Industry relies on manufacturers that are able to comply, certify and service the crucial applications within this market sector.

For items that contractually need more specific requirements, Associated Spring Milwaukee is a manufacturing facility that has expertise in Aerospace/Defense Industry Approvals.

To learn more about our capabilities, see our Services page.

Do you need Specific Certifications?

AS9100 Certified

ITAR Registered Contractor

Aerospace / Defense Quality Management System (QMS)

FAA, DoD, and NASA Compliant

Approved Supplier / NADCAP Compliant

DFARS Materials

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