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Stacking Disc Springs

Clover®Dome StackDisc Springs are both components and modular systems, as they can be used individually or as a set of parts. Associated Spring RAYMOND offers a wide variety of disc springs, including Belleville Washers, Din 2093 Disc Springs and Clover®Dome Spring Washers. Stacking parts allows for an infinite number of force-deflection curves.

In general, there are two directions to stack parts (although both can be combined). Parts stacked in series are placed in alternating orientations, and offer N x the deflection for the same load as one part, where N is the number of parts in the stack. Parts stacked in parallel are placed in the same orientation, and offer N x the force for the same deflection, where N is the number of parts in the stack. 

Shown below are the comparative force/deflection graphs for the alternative methods of stacking:

Comparative force/deflection graph

Among many industries, manufacturers need to package higher performance into smaller spaces. Traditional spring solutions offer lower displacement in relation to size, constraining designs. Associated Spring RAYMOND's stack solutions offer higher displacement and/or non-traditional force to deflection profiles to achieve the desired performance. Our engineers can help to define a complete stack for your OEM application.

Associated Spring RAYMOND offers a variety of flat springs that can be stacked in this manner. Visit the flat spring product section to learn more about these products.

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