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Spring Corrosion

Corrosion is damage to materials, rust on steel is an example of corrosion. The level of corrosion protection required is application specific, and the type of corrosion will also vary. Carbon Steels (Music Wire, Spring Steel, Chrome Vanadium, etc.) without a coating are the least protected. Stainless Steels & Exotic Alloys offer protection from various agents. Coatings offer a means to supplement corrosion protection without changing materials. In some cases changing materials is not possible because of the forces, stresses, or other design parameters required by the application. In this case selecting a coating for parts may be the only option to achieve the desired part life. Coatings may also be more cost effective than substituting material. Associated Spring RAYMOND engineers can help to define the best material & coating for your OEM application, simply contact us. Standard parts can also easily be coated with most coatings.

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