W-602-AS: Spring Assortments

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Product Details

Spring Type F
# of Pieces 70
# of P/Ns 35
Included Parts 2x W0183-004-S, 2x W0618-008, 2x W1080-012, 2x W1819-020, 2x W0242-006-S, 2x W0618-008-S, 2x W1102-012, 2x W2028-022, 2x W0305-007-S, 2x W0731-009, 2x W1159-013, 2x W2132-023, 2x W0367-006, 2x W0734-009, 2x W1235-014, 2x W2420-025, 2x W0367-006-S, 2x W0734-009-S, 2x W1351-015, 2x W2645-028, 2x W0484-009, 2x W0855-010, 2x W1543-017, 2x W2816-030, 2x W0492-007, 2x W0855-010-S, 2x W1543-020, 2x W3118-035, 2x W0492-007-S, 2x W0925-010, 2x W1593-018, 2x W3328-036, 2x W0608-008, 2x W1004-011, 2x W1621-019
Shipping Weight (lb) 22.000000
Shipping Height (in) 12.000
Shipping Length (in) 16.000
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