T-301-A: Spring Assortments

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Product Details

Spring Type W
# of Pieces 164
# of P/Ns 82
Included Parts 2x T012-090-055, 2x T021-270-109, 2x T035-180-187, 2x T048-270-250, 2x T012-180-109, 2x T021-360-187, 2x T035-270-281, 2x T048-360-406, 2x T014-180-078, 2x T023-270-109, 2x T038-270-218, 2x T014-180-109, 2x T023-360-172, 2x T038-360-328, 2x T015-270-078, 2x T025-090-140, 2x , 2x T051-090-234, 2x T015-360-109, 2x T025-180-203, 2x T051-360-406, 2x T017-180-093, 2x T028-180-140, 2x T040-090-187, 2x T017-270-156, 2x T028-270-203, 2x T040-360-343, 2x T054-090-296, 2x T018-270-109, 2x T030-270-172, 2x T059-360-459, 2x T018-360-156, 2x T030-360-250, 2x , 2x T063-360-516, 2x T020-090-109, 2x T032-090-172, 2x T045-090-203, 2x T070-270-531, 2x T020-180-140, 2x T032-180-218, 2x T045-270-359, 2x T078-360-578
Shipping Weight (lb) 31.400000
Shipping Height (in) 12.000
Shipping Length (in) 16.000
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