B-401-A: Spring Assortments

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Product Details

Spring Type F
# of Pieces 98
# of P/Ns 49
Included Parts B1250-040, 2x B1250-040-S, 2x B1250-051, 2x B1250-062, 2x B1250-062-S, 2x B1250-089, 2x B1250-089-S, 2x B1262-060, 2x B1375-044, 2x B1375-044-S, 2x B1375-067, 2x B1500-045, 2x B1500-045-S, 2x B1500-060, 2x B1500-070, 2x B1500-070-S, 2x B1500-072, 2x B1500-072-S, 2x B1500-102, 2x B1500-107, 2x B1500-107-S, 2x B1750-057, 2x B1750-057-S, 2x B1750-085, 2x B1750-085-S, 2x B1875-086, 2x B1875-086-S, 2x B1875-127, 2x B2000-065, 2x B2000-065-S, 2x B2000-084, 2x B2000-097, 2x B2000-097-S, 2x B2000-142, 2x B2250-073, 2x B2250-102, 2x B2250-111, 2x B2250-150, 2x B2250-159, 2x B2500-080, 2x B2500-080-S, 2x B2500-120, 2x B2500-120-S, 2x B2500-175, 2x B2750-087, 2x B2750-132, 2x B3000-093, 2x B3000-135, 2x B3000-143
Shipping Weight (lb) 24.800000
Shipping Height (in) 12.000
Shipping Length (in) 16.000
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