10 Steps for Purchasing with the Counterbalance Configurator Tool

Learn the 10 easy steps of buying Gas Struts with the Counterbalance Configurator Tool.

Launched in September 2020, the Counterbalance Configurator Tool by Associated Spring RAYMOND makes quick work of finding the right Gas Strut for any application.   

To successfully use the tool, engineers or project managers need only to provide application dimensions and load requirements. From there, the calculator's algorithm will sort through AS RAYMOND's expansive portfolio of more than 12,000 Gas Struts and select the products that are best suited for the application based on size, stroke, and force requirements.   

From there, users can review, compare, and select the product(s) they would like to purchase directly from the calculator — no sorting through the catalog to find the part number.   

The benefits of purchasing directly from the tool are that users can prototype parts quicker and reduce the need to source then complete a purchase. The end-to-end customer experience with the Counterbalance Configurator Tool helps streamline the process for users.   

To purchase using the Counterbalance Configurator Tool, follow these easy steps once logged in:  

  1. Fill in application variables.  

  1. Fill in load variables.  

  1. Fill in the desired number of struts, mounting location, and if corrosion resistance is needed. This information can be adjusted in the application as well.  

  1. Select “Configure.”  

  1. Review options. Compare as need until final selections are made.   

  1. Two options to buy: request a formal Quick-Quote or add directly to the cart. Adjust quantity if needed.   

  1. Proceed to checkout.  

  1. Fill in shipping, shipping options, billing, and payment method.   

  1. Confirm the information provided and place the order.   

  1. Receive shipping notifications about the package's expected arrival date.  

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