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Matching Struts and Accessories

Struts (Gas Struts, Dampers, etc.) often utilize mounting hardware. Typically the ends of struts are threaded, and may or may not be supplied with end fittings mounted on the threads. End fittings can be exchanged with another end fitting with the same thread. M6, M8, and M10 threads (male) are common strut threads. End fittings must have a mating thread, typically female, of the same size. Mounting a strut with end fittings already installed depends on the type of end fitting. End fittings are typically designed to be used with a ball stud (most common) or shoulder bolt. For ball stud end fittings as long as the ball size is the same on the end fitting and the ball stud or bracket the pair is compatible.

Gas Struts

Gas Struts, Gas Springs, Gas Shocks & Dampers: RAYMOND / SPD

Ball Studs / Accessories

Ball Studs & Gas Spring Mounting Hardware/Accessories

End Fittings

End Fittings - Mounting Hardware for Gas Struts


Brackets - Gas Spring Mounting Solutions
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