Hatches, Lids, and Covers

Access covers, hatches, or lids provide entry or egress from a variety of locations, above and below ground, in a variety of industries. Safe access and operation are an important part of these access points, for all applications. Cast covers have traditionally used torsion springs to only open the cover partially; resulting in operator strain to open the access fully. These torsion springs are susceptible to frequent failure, resulting in increased and costly maintenance. Alternatively, gas struts have been applied to fabricated hatches, but infrequent access and harsh environments cause seals to fail, and gas to leak. For clean water applications (drinking water included), the failure of any counterbalance could also potentially contaminate the water.


Associated Spring RAYMOND counterbalance engineered solutions, based on m-Struts® technology, offers a complete solution for both fabricated and cast constructions. Our engineered solution offers full range of motion counterbalance, low handle load operation (lower percentile operators included), little if any clear access infringement, no required maintenance, ease of replacement, and no seals or gasses to fail that would contaminate surrounding elements. Incorporated m-Struts® in the marketplace provide lift assist, motion control (dampening), and / or a stay mechanism in the open position for covers in excess of 1 ton. The solution developed offers a much wider operating temperature range than electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic solutions.

Associated Spring RAYMOND offers both standard products and custom solutions to solve functional requirements for applications. For more information, contact us or complete our Integrated System Enquiry

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