Counterbalance Configurator Tool Enhancements

After a successful launch last September, the Counterbalance Configurator Tool has received some upgrades to better assist users. Three major additions have been added to the tool: additional starting angle positions, up to six strut modeling and configuration, and exterior visualization.

Starting Angle Positions

The Counterbalance Configurator Tool has been an asset for applications that require some lift assistance, such as ground access hatch covers, roof hatches, and boat hatches. Associated Spring RAYMOND recognizes that not all designs start at the same angle. To bring more value, the Counterbalance Configurator Tool has added the ability to choose the starting angles for applications, such as awnings, food trucks, and side-loaded toolboxes. With the new update, the starting angle — listed as angle on the tool — can be set anywhere from -90° to 0°. The opening angle can be set to a maximum of 120° from the starting angle, no matter where that is. This addition to the tool will allow more accurate results for applications that are not starting at 0°. 

Six Strut Modeling

While the tool previously allowed for two gas struts to be configured into a design — which likely covers most solutions — we wanted for more options to be considered. Every application is unique, and we want to provide a tool that permits configuration that is accommodating. This new addition provides engineers the ability to select how many gas struts they would like utilized in their design, granting them to see product offerings that fit their demands.

Exterior Visualization

We’ve added the ability to have our gas strut solutions mounted outside of the application. While gas struts are typically installed on the interior, engineers and designers may want to visualize them on the exterior. The solution will remain the same, but this enhancement allows the user to see the difference of the installation location and think through their product. With these new enhancements, the Counterbalance Configurator Tool will put more power into the user’s hands. Launched in September of 2020, the tool narrows down Associated Spring RAYMOND’s catalog of more than 12,000 gas struts to the parts best suited for the unique demands of the application. By filling out quick information, such as max lift weight, the tool provides a downloadable list of products. Having the right gas strut for the operation allows engineers and businesses to begin prototyping much quicker to meet their customers’ evolving demands.

Visit Associated Spring RAYMOND’s website to check out the improved Counterbalance Configurator Tool.

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